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CNBC's Marketing Media Money: Accenture Interactive

YouTube: Accenture
CNBC's Marketing Media Money: Accenture Interactive
Fri, 05 Oct 2018 15:27:38 +0000
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Channel: Accenture Digital

In August 2018, CNBC aired a 25-minute segment about Accenture’s move into marketing services on its flagship marketing show, Marketing Media Money.

Filmed on-location in our New York office space, the piece explores how Accenture decided to parlay its C-suite relationships and business/technology chops into the marketing services arena and took a bet on Accenture Interactive in 2009.

Now, on its 10th year anniversary, the segment talks about how Accenture Interactive grew into one of the fastest-growing businesses within Accenture and disrupted the long-entrenched marketing/advertising industry along the way. Features interviews with Brian Whipple, Shelly Swanback and Glen Hartman.

Video length: 25:04
Category: Science & Technology

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